The Flap Over Flaps

I couldn’t open any of my news feeds without being inundated by all things Flappy. And then when the app came down — oh, my! Never have so many cried out about so little! If only they cared about stuff like, oh, I dunno, hunger, poverty, government overreach, jobs…

Let me say that I’ve a deep respect for Dong Nguyen. When he saw people being obsessive, he pulled down the game. Instead of raking in insane amounts of ad revenue, he did the right thing.

And he learned a hard, but valuable, lesson: Ignore the Internet. Things like Facebook, Twitter, etc, seem to bring out the absolute worst in people. Take people who would normally be voiceless, give them a medium to yell within, add a safe dose of distance and anonymity, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

There’s a reason why I disable comments all over the place. Out of a hundred of them, maybe — maybe, one is helpful. The rest are garbage. And disheartening. And just plain mean.

So, Mr. Nguyen, please keep coding. Just shut off all those “social” sites. Ignore them. And keep making stuff. It’s not your fault that so many people are social-psychopaths.



Pork “Posole” Soup

This is one of my absolute favorite soups. Perfect for the icy cold Austin winters. :-) I’ve made one modification to make this a LOT faster and some more because I wanted to.



First, use Pork Tenderloin. About 1 loin worth — about a pound. Trim the silverskin and cut in to 1/2″ chunks. Using tenderloin means that you only need to simmer about 15 minutes. Plus, there is less meat, so you only have to brown in one or two batches.

Hint: Wait for tenderloin to go on sale — less than $3 a pound — then buy up a bunch and freeze them. There are two tenderloins per package and they make super great stir-fries. I’ve got about half a dozen packages in the freezer right now.

Second, instead of hominy, I used white canned beans (ex. great northern, or whatever). Use hominy if you want. I was trying to cut back on carbs.

Third, I found the lime juice to be a bit overpowering. So cut back, or eliminate. Like I said, overpowering, so I leave it out.

Fourth, I cut back on the broth a little. I usually use 3 cups. Just because. If you have a big pot, use 4. My pot would overflow with 4. :-)

Other than that, follow the recipe (I’ve never done the garnish).

I’ve made this about 6 times so far and love it.

Rule #004

There is an inverse ratio between the amount of time people spend talking about their faith and the amount of time they actually practice it.

Review: TYLT VU Charging Stand

Let’s get the annoying things out of the way first:

  • It is stupid expensive ($75).
  • It comes with wasteful, unnecessary, packaging.
  • It uses a non-standard plug (why not USB Micro — why? why?).
  • It uses the most stupid, fattest, 5V wall wart I’ve seen in ages.

That being said, it’s a great charging stand, if your phone supports wireless Qi charging. (For smartphone use, I have a Nexus 4.)

DSCN3896 (Large)It holds the Nexus 4 at a perfect angle. Just drop it on and you’re set.

So why pay too much money for a wireless charging stand? Well, because I scrapped my PC speakers and amp and use my Bose SoundLink Mini exclusively. (It is a great, great, portable Bluetooth speaker. Love it.)

DSCN3897 (Large)The trouble with streaming music from the phone is that it sucks the life out of batteries. So I wanted to keep it on a charger, but still have it at a nice angle. The TYLT VU does that nicely.