The Nexus 7

What’s been said about this device than I can add? Nothing, really. I love mine. Well, we love ours, all three of them. The best, most handy, tablet I’ve used.

Why three? Because, unfortunately, one of ours got knocked down by a cat and landed into a steel bed rail, cracking the screen. The display itself is okay, but there’s a big dead spot in the touch area, making it pretty useless.

But not completely useless. I now use that one as an e-mail notifier at my desk. I check check all my accounts on it, without having to toggle my work. And if I want some peace and quiet, I just mute it for a while.

Speaking of e-mail, that’s probably the thing I love the most — at least how Android / Nexus handles it. It’s SO easy for me to manage and keep track of my many e-mail accounts (as a consultant, I often have an e-mail for individual clients). Keeping track of 8 or 10 different e-mail inboxes has never been so easy.

I was an earlier adopter, so got the 8 GB one, but you want the 16 Gb at least. With big games, you need the space. (Thank goodness they only make the 16 GB+ ones now.)

Get yourself a case, at least if you have cats. We got Moko cases that work pretty well. They bulk it up a bit, but you get magnetic on/off, a hand-strap, and landscape tilting.

Highly recommended. I have an iPad 1 and a Kindle Fire (first gen) and the Nexus creams them. The iPad is almost never used anymore and the Fire is in our workshop for music (Pandora and Songza and MP3s).