Best Pepper Mill: Unicorn

I have tried many pepper mills. Wooden ones. Small ones. Big ones. High end brands. Low end brands. There is only one brand of mill that now resides in my kitchen, and it’s the Unicorn line of mills from Tom David.

If you want high capacity, not too huge size, and perfect grinding, get yourself the Unicorn Magnum 6″ version. It’s the best $37 you’ll spend. If you want really high capacity, get their giant Magnum Plus 9″ version for $45. The only difference is the height — they both have excellent grinding mechanisms, fill the same way, and are easy to use.

DSCN2548 (Medium)

Above, you can see my “seasoning” tray that I keep next to the stove. From left to right, back to front: pan spray, olive oil, white pepper, peanut oil, kosher salt, table salt, black pepper. The Magnum Plus is in the front, the smaller to the back. Note that the Plus does NOT come with a “dust” tray — but the Magnum 6″ does. Don’t ask me why. The 6″ is perfect.

I have the Magnum Plus filled with Black Peppercorns and the Magnum filled with White Peppercorns. If I was to do it again, I’d probably go with the 6″ version only, as it’s the perfect size. But nothing wrong with the Plus — it holds a shitload of peppercorns. And I do mean a shitload.