My Favorite Tortillas

Yes, fresh from a Tortilla Factory, if you have them near you, is probably best. But if you have a well stocked supermarket, I suggest taking a look at the Guerrero brand of Tortillas. Corn, flour, burrito. The usual sizes and types.

But one day I noticed their “Fresca-Rica” line of UNCOOKED flour tortillas. Just heat them up on a Comal or, on my stove, the big griddle in the middle.

Guerrero-Fresca-Ricas (Medium)Now, I was afraid that maybe they’d be like normal flour tortillas. You know, too thick? Fills you up with too much flour. But these are NOT that at all. Nice and thin, almost like a crepe. And all it takes is about 15-20 seconds each side! That’s just as fast as heating individuals on the open flame.

Guerrero_B (Medium) Guerrero_A (Medium)

Fresh tasting, hot right off the griddle, and thin enough to use in other recipes. Like what? How about Mu Shu Tofu!

MuShuTofu (Medium)