Nexus News Readers

I’ve been installing and playing around with a couple of news readers for Android / Nexus. Google News is fine, but I’m more of an article guy. And, frankly, the breaking news is usually pretty darn depressing.

I’ve done Flipboard, which is pretty good. Installed News360 and was disappointed (clunky). And I have no desire to install an individual app for each newspaper / content provider.

Early on, I tried Google Currents, but wasn’t overwhelmed with it. But not anymore. The newest versions they have rolled out are fantastic. Easy to browse. Lots of content. And nicely formatted for the 7″ display (except for a couple of sites–I’m talking to you, Huffington).

Some of my favorite subscriptions: Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington, Slate, Onion (videos only), Independent, Saveur, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, and Mental Floss. There are a ton more which I need to explore.

All in all, Google Currents is the only news reader you need to use. And it’s included on every Nexus. For free. If you haven’t used it recently, grab the latest version and give it a try. It will give you your news fix in a really polished format.