Boring, But Useful, Android Utilities

Couple of apps worth having on your Android (I run a Nexus 7 tablet):

ASTRO File Manager

I’ve tried out ES File Explorer, AndroZip, and a couple of others. I like ASTRO the best. First, the UI is excellent, with good use of swipes. Second, you can hook in all the standard cloud services (Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, Google Drive, etc). This means you don’t have to use their individual apps — everything is right in ASTRO. Worth having on your tablet.


I’ve finally found the weather app I’ve always wanted. Simple, well designed, and¬†unobtrusive. Has widgets, the full app, and displays in the taskbar (or whatever they call that top bar). ¬†Real time radar! No annoying popup ads! Free! Fast! It is the best weather app I’ve come across.

Battery Stats Plus

Another app in a crowded field, but it does what I want it to: Tells me, clearly, what’s hogging battery. I recently had some problems with battery usage and this app helped track it down. The free version has everything I need.