Andriod Casual Racing

I like full blown racing games, but sometimes you need something a little light to spend a couple of minutes on. Here are a few that are on my Nexus 7 right now.

Hill Climb Racing

I did a review on this previously. A fun, goofy, way to spend some time.

Zombie Road Trip

Have you played Hill Climb but said to yourself: it needs zombies? Well, check out this freebie. It doesn’t have the cool physics of Hill Climb, but you get chased by, and have to shoot, Zombies. Controls are simple. When the car is in the air, rotate CW or CCW. Press the other area of the screen to shoot. No gas or brakes, but it’s a zombie game, so I guess that goes with the territory. Faster paced and, I think, a little less fun than Hill Climb, but it still gets game time from me.

Beach Buggy Blitz

If you have a device that will support it (it uses fancy graphics), check out this “mario cart” on the beach game. Race around, gather coins, you know the drill. It really shows off what devices like the Nexus can do.

Shine Runner

From the makers of Beach Buggy, this is a pay game, but if you liked the other game, check this one out. You are a hillbilly in an air boat. That’s about it. You can collect money, and there is a (useless) trading portion. But the fun of this game is crashing into things and just being a goof.

I’d love if the developers would improve the game by: Making the cops chase you and “pull you over” — that stuff is fun. Dump the whole trading items stuff, it’s pointless. This game would be absolutely perfect if it had multi-player (local WiFi) play. That would be fantastic. (Same holds true for Beach Buggy Blitz — I’d love to see multi-player play.)