Review: TYLT VU Charging Stand

Let’s get the annoying things out of the way first:

  • It is stupid expensive ($75).
  • It comes with wasteful, unnecessary, packaging.
  • It uses a non-standard plug (why not USB Micro — why? why?).
  • It uses the most stupid, fattest, 5V wall wart I’ve seen in ages.

That being said, it’s a great charging stand, if your phone supports wireless Qi charging. (For smartphone use, I have a Nexus 4.)

DSCN3896 (Large)It holds the Nexus 4 at a perfect angle. Just drop it on and you’re set.

So why pay too much money for a wireless charging stand? Well, because I scrapped my PC speakers and amp and use my Bose SoundLink Mini exclusively. (It is a great, great, portable Bluetooth speaker. Love it.)

DSCN3897 (Large)The trouble with streaming music from the phone is that it sucks the life out of batteries. So I wanted to keep it on a charger, but still have it at a nice angle. The TYLT VU does that nicely.