XBOX Adaptive Controller (XAC) with Custom Arduino Joystick — Working Code

At long last I’ve revisited my problem with getting the Arduino Leonardo / Pro Micro to work with the XBOX Adaptive Controller (XAC). This code now works with the XAC! Huzzah!

Important: Folks have been having issues with copy-and-paste. WordPress is sticking in formatting, and I can’t get it to upload an ICO, so head over to github for the code:

More to come. I’m working on a Nintendo JoyCon Joystick version for a user with limited mobility.

Feb 3, 2022 Update: The copy and paste of the code has been causing problems. Please head over to github for the code. Note: The fancier code, which handles weirdness with JoyCon replacement sticks, is also up there. Look for JoyConStick_Converter_ForXBOXAC_v2D.