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frotz on the Pocket CHIP

Got frotz working on the Pocket CHIP. Now I can run Interactive Fiction games (ex. Infocom) on the move, while using a discontinued hardware device. 🙂 At least I finally put it to use.

Photo taken in 2016, when I originally got it, and it sat without a use.
Now, in 2019, I dust it off and install frotz.
Got Hitchhiker’s running!

Enabling SSH Server on Pocket CHIP

Before you do anything, check out the mirrored documentation found at The site has mirrored the sources, so you can actually run updates again. Thank you, JF!

# Pocket C.H.I.P. (Pocket CHIP)
# Installing SSH Server on Pocket CHIP
# Note: When using sudo (do as sysadmin) the password is “chip”

* Open Terminal

* Move to apt directory
> cd /etc/apt/

* Update sources.list
> sudo nano sources.list

* In sources.list, replace with
* CTRL-O to write out (save). CTRL-X to exit.

* Updates preferences
> sudo nano preferences

* In preferences, replace with
* CTRL-O to write out (save). CTRL-X to exit.

* Update with jfpossibilities as the repository (instead of the defunct nextthing)
> sudo apt-get update

* Install SSH Server
> sudo apt-get install openssh-server

* Start the SSH Server
> sudo service ssh start

* Get the IP address. You can look on your router, or:
> ip a
* Look for the wlan0 inet entry (looks for your subnet, etc 192.168.x.)

* On your PC, use WinSCP or similar to SSH into that IP.
* The user will be “chip” and the password is also “chip” (if you didn’t change default).
* You should now be able to easily transfer files between your PC and the Pocket CHIP.

# Why I Did This
# Not a whole lot of the use for the device, but it’s portable, has a screen and keyboard…so…
# How about Interactive Fiction / Text Adventures? The old Infocom games. Running the Z Machine.

# How to install FROTZ — the Z Machine

* Do all of the above to get SSH Server running (makes it easier to copy games from PC).

* Instal frotz
> sudo apt install frotz

* In /home/chip/ you can create a folder called games
> cd /home/chip
> mkdir games

* I then used WinSCP to copy to Z5 game files to that directory (/home/chip/games/)

* Now to run them. Navigate to the /games/ directory.
> cd games

* Run frotz
> frotz [gamename].z5

* For example: > frotz leather_goddesses_of_phobos.z5

# Do some web searches to find z5 files. I found this site helpful: