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AutoScope 2.0 : X Axis Slippage

I noticed that the X knob needed just a bit of tightening. This, of course, required that most of the microscope be taken apart.

A nice find was that there’s a cutout in the lower casting. Almost exactly the correct size for an OLED display.

Back together again, with one of my “home sensor” tests (in this case, a laser Time of Flight sensor).

AutoScope 2.0 : Cameras

I’ve tried using the included lenses on three cameras, but none of them gave good image quality. So, my current work-around is to remove the camera lens and use the regular eyepiece lens — I printed an adapter which attaches the camera to the eyepiece. It gets a similar field of view as the eye. The attached photos are 10x with 25x eyepieces (250x) and 40x with 25x (1000x). Stained apple and a 0.01mm/div calibration slide.

I’ve had the best luck with a CS type mount camera. This one has a CS mount: If I was to buy it again, I’d try to find it without the lens, as I’m not using it. Maybe for another project. 🙂 I have not tried any “normal” microscope cameras, as I’m trying to keep the cost down. (I’ve not been overly careful, so you see specks, which is likely dust on the sensor.)

I was planning on discarding the outer part of the images. The idea was to bulk process them, having GIMP (or whatever) crop to the center portion of the image. Then run the cropped images through the stitcher. (The control software will have to be told how many steps to move, to make sure there is sufficient overlap, but that has to happen anyway.)

Since I’m getting nicer color out of the 2MP camera, I’ll be testing with that. I’m going to design a mount for the RGB sensor and attach to the other eyepiece. I’ll let you know how that works out.