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The Big Screen : Frame

Just finished the frame part of our new outdoor big screen. It’s about 9 feet wide and 5 feet tall. We’ll be stretching the blackout cloth later today.

DSCN3951 (Large)

Then to figure out how to hang/support it outdoors. We need to be able to easily take it up/down because (a) we want to use it often and (b) we can’t just keep it up all the time because of wind. More to come.

I’m glad I didn’t go crazy with the size (I was originally thinking 16 feet wide, 9 feet tall). But that would have been really tough to build and even harder to store.

If you’re looking for material to build your own, check out Carl’s Place.


Cat Shelves

Been having some issues with cat fighting / aggression. Came up out of the blue, with two of our cats who’ve been together for years. Our lover boy Ari is being a terror. I think that part-Bengal is showing. So, I’m in the shop working on shelves for the cats. Luckily, our dining room has some “lovely” wood paneling, so putting shelves in there will not distract from the ambiance.

The Standing Desk

If you are well-aged computer guy or gal then you likely have my least favorite ailment. No, not blinding headaches. No, not high blood pressure. No, not ulcers. I’m talking about the bane of the chair-bound: hemorrhoids. Ewe! says the youngsters. Nasty! Well, you’ll get them too, so heed my advice: Get a standing desk.

There are electric ones and cheap ones and expensive ones. Thanks to the advice of another Old Guy who also went to MPHS, I got a MultiTable leg set. Being the fashion¬†conscious¬†guy I’m not, I put an MDF top on it and Evelyn painted it battleship gray. What really makes it is the keyboard tray I stole off my old (normal) corner desk.

DSCN2426 (Medium) DSCN2425 (Medium) DSCN2429 (Medium) DSCN2428 (Medium) DSCN2427 (Medium)