Tools On My Desk : Calipers

Small Calipers are a must when working on 3D projects (among other things). I have larger (6″+) metal ones, but wanted something that would be easier to toss on my desk for quick measurements. This General digital is small (3″) and non-metallic, so I can fiddle around electronics. MM, Inches, and Inches Fractions. Though, if you are doing 3D printing work, you only care about the mm. When working on custom projects, I use this dozens of times a day. About $14.

I also keep this little brass caliper, designed for jewelry work, in my shop coat pocket at all times. It’s handy for doing rough measurements. $9

AutoScope 2.0 : X Axis Slippage

I noticed that the X knob needed just a bit of tightening. This, of course, required that most of the microscope be taken apart.

A nice find was that there’s a cutout in the lower casting. Almost exactly the correct size for an OLED display.

Back together again, with one of my “home sensor” tests (in this case, a laser Time of Flight sensor).