The Opus: Spenser

If you are looking for a detective / private eye series to work through, check out Robert B. Parker’s “Spenser” series. He wrote them from 1973 to his death in 2010. You can read plenty of reviews about his stuff if you don’t trust me (go ahead — I’ll wait), but here are a couple of reasons why I like the series.

  • He’s a private eye with brains. A smart ass. A good cook. And strong morals. 
  • The books are quick reads, but aren’t pulp fiction. Parker knows how to write.
  • A great snapshot in time. In 1975 it feels like it’s 1975 (clothing, cars, etc).
  • Parker pushes social boundaries, especially with his gay and non-white characters.
  • He doesn’t make the cops bumbling idiots and slobs.

If you like the genre, start going through his books. Wiki has the order of them. And check to see if your library has them as eBook loans — APL does, and has saved me a lot of money. A highly recommended series.