Kitty Treats

Our cats like the old standby treats, like Temptations, but we wanted to get them something more savory and natural.

Our friend Sharon introduced us to the Beefeaters Freeze Dried Salmon for cats. The cats love the crunchy salmon; just break into marble sized bits and watch them chow down. It’s funny watching them grab a piece in their mouths then run away to chow down in peace. You can find this brand at the local pet stores (Amazon doesn’t stock them).

DSCN2568 (Medium)

While looking for an alternative treat, I ran across Cat-Man-Doo brand Bonito flakes. These are dried papery thin fish flakes. Very airy, but full of fish flavor. The kittens LOVE this stuff. I sprinkle some on a tray and they go nuts. To the point that they are fighting each other to get the last scraps! Talk about licking the bowl clean!

DSCN2566 (Medium) DSCN2558 (Medium)

Either of these are great, healthy, treats for your cats. They are so tasty that I’d recommend them if you are trying to train a cat. Even our super-shy Samantha will climb on my leg to get her treat. The Bonito flakes are that good.

Available at Amazon. I just got two, and one is half gone. But I spoil my kits.

Link to Amazon:

(The product is “sold by” a couple of different stores, but fulfilled by Amazon. So you get your Prime. Arrived fresh and in good shape.)

 Update: There is now a cheaper option. Head over to your local Japanese Grocery Store.