More Casual Games


I don’t play this too much, but it is a pretty good game. Spin the dial, collect the colored dots as they approach. Easier played than said. I can usually only do a couple minutes of it before it gets too fast for me.

Little Things Forever

Bunches of shapes hidden in a larger object. Find three per puzzle. Zero stress, though you can go cross-eyed after a time. This one would also be good for kids.

Rico (Lite)

What the kids call a “platformer” but what I call, Pitfall II. Run around. Jump. Avoid objects. And you can set it easy so you don’t feel too stressed (I’m all about low stress). I’ve tried a couple of these types of games, but like this one the best. Two problems, though. First, the control icons are too small on the Nexus 7. The actual range of control is okay (you don’t have to hit the little icons), but still not sized well for a 7″ or greater tablet. Second, it was designed for a phone, so fonts and whatnot are way too small on the tablets. Otherwise, a lot of fun. Put it on easy, with a lot of checkpoints, and you won’t be annoyed too much. It has extremely retro 8-bit graphics, but they do the job.

Super Stickman Golf

Another 8-bit-like golf game. More physics than real golf, but a good time waster. It’s like those “angle” games of the past, where you have to judge angle and strength to get the ball in the right place.

Trainyard Express

Connect a train to it’s station, but not like some of the other train/track/plane games, since everything is on a grid. Kinda hard to explain, so just download and try it out. Starts out almost too easy, but ramps up. Give it some time to challenge you.