Android Puzzlers

A couple of puzzle / word games I’m digging right now:


A game that has been out for a while and doesn’t get anywhere the respect that it deserves. Sick of Boggle and Scrabble re-makes? Check this game out. You get a big 3D cube of letters. The goal is to make words from adjacent letter blocks. The controls aren’t perfect, and it’s sometimes a little buggy, but if you like word games, it’s a must.

Puzzle Retreat

I just started this one and already like it. You move blocks around to fill in pegs — but the blocks are ice (and other materials) — so blocks can slide over each other, etc. Kind of hard to explain, so download the free version. Unlock more puzzles for a buck a set. But they give you plenty of puzzles to start with. It starts out easy, but ramps up nicely.

Little Things Forever

I can best describe this as Word Search with images. You get a big shapes (ex. a dinosaur) made up of hundreds of little images. Your goal is simple: find the images from the list provided. Harder than it seems. It can get you a little cross-eyed after a while, but it’s a good relaxing game.

Swiped Fruits

The devs seem to make about a dozen versions of the same game, and I ended up with the Fruit version. A typical match 2 or more objects in a row game (like Zookeeper). But I’ve had a lot more fun with Swiped than with Zookeeper, so if you like this type of game, grab this freebie.

Bridge Constructor Free

As the name says, build bridges using the limited parts provided. See if they will support the cars and trucks that will go over them. A casual game with some stomach churns as you watch your badly built bridge buckle and fall. This is actually a pretty good introduction for kids as to how to build something that doesn’t fail (using some intuitive techniques).