Pork “Posole” Soup

This is one of my absolute favorite soups. Perfect for the icy cold Austin winters. 🙂 I’ve made one modification to make this a LOT faster and some more because I wanted to.



First, use Pork Tenderloin. About 1 loin worth — about a pound. Trim the silverskin and cut in to 1/2″ chunks. Using tenderloin means that you only need to simmer about 15 minutes. Plus, there is less meat, so you only have to brown in one or two batches.

Hint: Wait for tenderloin to go on sale — less than $3 a pound — then buy up a bunch and freeze them. There are two tenderloins per package and they make super great stir-fries. I’ve got about half a dozen packages in the freezer right now.

Second, instead of hominy, I used white canned beans (ex. great northern, or whatever). Use hominy if you want. I was trying to cut back on carbs.

Third, I found the lime juice to be a bit overpowering. So cut back, or eliminate. Like I said, overpowering, so I leave it out.

Fourth, I cut back on the broth a little. I usually use 3 cups. Just because. If you have a big pot, use 4. My pot would overflow with 4. 🙂

Other than that, follow the recipe (I’ve never done the garnish).

I’ve made this about 6 times so far and love it.