Add Four Cups of Chicken Broth

Ignore this post if you are a purist.

So many recipes call for Chicken or Beef broth. I’ve never had the energy (or the pocket-book) to make my own. I’ve tried it, but it just wasn’t worth it. Sorry.

For a long time, I bought Tetra packed broth. Good stuff, but expensive, and it was okay.

Until I discovered the time and cost saving method to broth: Better Than Bouillon.

DSCN3990 (Large)

Get yourself a Chicken and a Beef jar. Once opened, store in the fridge. Gumbo calls for 4 cups of Chicken Broth? Add four cups of water (filtered is best, but no worries). Add 4 tsp of this magic mix, and there you go.

It lasts forever. It’s always on-hand. It’s cheaper and easier to keep. It allows you to COOK instead of running to the store.

Chicken Pot Pie, Soup, Beef Pot Pie, Beef Stew, broth for Stir Fries. Whatever. It works for all. And is great for the times when you Just Need To Cook. But don’t want it to suck.