Pseudolog (Digital To Analog Joystick Converter)

Code and SCAD are working and posted for the Pseudolog converter.

Takes 4 switch inputs (ex. joystick u/d/l/r) and converts to pseudo analog joystick (the longer you hold, the more it swings to limits). Sensitivity adjusted by slide pot on top. Acts like a USB stick on the XAC.

The wiring is a little patchwork, as I changed my mind mid-soldering. 🙂 Basically, jacks and pot go to Analog inputs of Pro Micro. Pot and jacks supplied with VCC. Full reading (1023) used to trigger. I used Analog inputs on purpose — so that I can use this for other projects.

I threw in a NeoPixel, because, why not? I’ve not coded the pixel yet. 🙂