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Joycon-Style Stick For XBox Adaptive Controller

Newest version of Joycon-style stick posted (SCAD, STLs, and INO). Tested with the XBOX Adaptive Controller (XAC). Connects via USB port on side and acts as analog stick (either L or R, depending on what port you plug into). Files posted at:

Working on a “stick of gum” style like Dmitry has done (…/tree/master/device_usbc_joystick). For those who need a lower profile, but can hold a longer device.

Big Thanks also go out to those who helped debug my connection problems (stick to board) — 90% of the problems were related to that part. Once I had solid connections, I had solid readings (no floating). The de-soldered USB board idea has been the best bet (barring custom PCBs). A custom PCB would save a lot of headache, but that is for another time.

Pseudolog (Digital To Analog Joystick Converter)

Code and SCAD are working and posted for the Pseudolog converter.

Takes 4 switch inputs (ex. joystick u/d/l/r) and converts to pseudo analog joystick (the longer you hold, the more it swings to limits). Sensitivity adjusted by slide pot on top. Acts like a USB stick on the XAC.

The wiring is a little patchwork, as I changed my mind mid-soldering. 🙂 Basically, jacks and pot go to Analog inputs of Pro Micro. Pot and jacks supplied with VCC. Full reading (1023) used to trigger. I used Analog inputs on purpose — so that I can use this for other projects.

I threw in a NeoPixel, because, why not? I’ve not coded the pixel yet. 🙂

XBOX Adaptive Controller (XAC) with Custom Arduino Joystick — Working Code

At long last I’ve revisited my problem with getting the Arduino Leonardo / Pro Micro to work with the XBOX Adaptive Controller (XAC). This code now works with the XAC! Huzzah!

Important: Folks have been having issues with copy-and-paste. WordPress is sticking in formatting, and I can’t get it to upload an ICO, so head over to github for the code:

More to come. I’m working on a Nintendo JoyCon Joystick version for a user with limited mobility.

Feb 3, 2022 Update: The copy and paste of the code has been causing problems. Please head over to github for the code. Note: The fancier code, which handles weirdness with JoyCon replacement sticks, is also up there. Look for JoyConStick_Converter_ForXBOXAC_v2D.